MamaOm would like to advise all our customers that our online shop is now closed due to the impact of Covid. Thank you to all of our customers and supporters. However, if you are still interested in purchasing a pair of our shoes please email us on our link below and we will check our remaining stock. We have loved the journey that we have been on creating beautiful shoes for bunions but for now we say goodbye. Salam manis

About MamaOm Beautiful Shoes For Bunions

Shoes For Bunions : Mama Om Pty Ltd is a family-owned business based in Perth, W.A. designing beautiful, stylish footwear that is comfortable for women with bunions.  
MamaOm Beautiful Shoes For Bunions have been designed for someone who has been a long time sufferer of bunions. Our journey involves designing and producing beautiful, stylish shoes made from genuine, quality leather that we can feel proud to bring to our customers.  It is a journey we look forward to continuing as we bring our designs to ladies who are looking for evening and going out shoes that they love.
MamaOm designs use genuine, soft leather and quality buckles and lace ups allowing the wearer to loosen or tighten the shoes as required, in particular around bunions. Each design has been tested by bunion sufferers who have given positive feedback on all of our styles.  
Our vision is to create a sustainable business that cares for our customers, primarily with bunions, who we know want stylish, beautiful, comfortable shoes that can be worn going out and to formal functions. We aim to manufacture shoes that give the wearer a feeling of support when standing on the well-designed 4cm block heel with rubber tread. Above all we hope that ladies love wearing our shoes because they are stylish, long-lasting, comfortable and go with many outfits.
Our shoes have been made by a small team of highly skilled artisanal shoe makers who excel in producing high quality, beautiful leather shoes.  The founders of MamaOm have a deep connection with Indonesia and have chosen to support small business in Indonesia due to the exceptional craftsmanship and artistic abilities on offer.  The positive feedback we have provided has given the team pride in their work, producing shoes that we also can feel proud to bring to you, our customers.  We look forward to when we can return to Indonesia to work with our shoe makers to bring you new colours and styles. Until then, we hope you love wearing our beautiful shoes for bunions.