MamaOm would like to advise all our customers that our online shop is now closed due to the impact of Covid. Thank you to all of our customers and supporters. However, if you are still interested in purchasing a pair of our shoes please email us on our link below and we will check our remaining stock. We have loved the journey that we have been on creating beautiful shoes for bunions but for now we say goodbye. Salam manis

MamaOm Beautiful Shoes For Bunions - Our Journey Began In Indonesia

As a sufferer of bunions since I was in my 30’s I have bought many shoes for work and special events in the hope of finding shoes that don’t hurt my bunions.  This has been the driving force in designing our shoes.

MamaOm Beautiful Shoes For Bunions journey began in 2017 in Indonesia.  After visiting large shoe factories in Surabaya, on the Indonesian island of Java, we made the decision to begin our business and work with a small team of artisan shoemakers in Bali.  We searched for a supplier of quality leather who helped us to find our team and together we have worked to bring you stylish and beautiful, long-lasting leather shoes which we hope you will love wearing for a long time. 

We believe leather is a very good, sustainable product. 

I personally look forward to formal outings now because I have shoes that look stylish and can be worn for many hours at a time without hurting.  

We appreciate your feedback and would love your comments and suggestions.  You can email us via : 


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