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MamaOm Beautiful Shoes For Bunions - Made From Leather For Sustainability

Mama Om aims to release classic modern designs using genuine, quality leather for ladies with bunions that transcend seasons and years.  These are shoes that we hope you will wear for years.  In fact, it is our hope that in 5 or even 10 years’ time your very much loved Mama Om shoes will still be a regular in your wardrobe.  We use high quality inputs of an international standard, quality inspect each pair of shoes produced and personally test every design. 
We consider this sustainability. 
MamaOm Shoes Are Made From  Genuine, Quality Leather Not PU
PU ? what is PU ?  
PU stands for Polyurethane and is known as “faux leather”, a man-made material.   Under hot and humid weather conditions, if formulated with inexpensive resin systems, PU will prematurely break down. The breakdown is a delaminating of the PU film layer from the backing substrate in the form of cracking and peeling. PU typically breaks down within 1 to 5 years of manufacture. We do not consider PU to be a sustainable product. MamaOm shoes are made from high quality, genuine leather and with the right care your leather shoes should last for years. 

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